Do you know how you can really benefit from booking a self-catering holiday home as an option? And do you know how we at the Beach House Letting Company go the extra mile to ensure your comfort in our accommodation?

Here are 6 reasons why self-catering is always a better option than staying in a hotel…


Staying in self-catering accommodation affords you more privacy and allows you to come and go as you please. When you stay in a self-catering Beach House you will have your own private home and personal living space, which provides you with far more privacy than if you were to stay in a hotel. This creates the perfect environment for a romantic getaway, group of friends having an annual reunion or families gathering with their kids that are going to run around and have fun without the restrictions of other guests.

Divine Spaces

Our Beach House’s are far more spacious than a hotel suite, allowing you to feel more comfortable and at home in your accommodation. Choosing self-catering also means that you will have your own facilities and you won’t have to worry about feeling cramped or sharing space with other guests. The Beach House Letting Company has a vast array of homes to choose from, allowing you to choose exactly what kind of holiday home you are looking for- anything from laid back luxury to modern glamour on the beach, the choice is yours!

Value for money

Self-catering offers great value and is often a more cost-effective option, especially for larger groups of people. When food is taken out of the equation, accommodation becomes far more cost-effective. Also, because self-catering accommodation is often bigger than a hotel suite this option is much more suited to larger groups of people who want to stay together, especially families. Self-catering also works particularly well with larger groups as holiday costs can be split across the board from your accommodation to food and other holiday treats or costs.


Self-catering allows you to cook and eat what you want, when you want. There are no set meal times. This is a great option if sharing food is important to you and your family, and you are careful about eating healthy meals or have to prepare meals according to certain dietary/ religious requirements. Having more space also means that you have your own private and fully equipped kitchen, providing you with control over your meals and where they come from. The kind of family that wants to enjoy a late brunch together or if packing a picnic lunch to eat while enjoying an uninterrupted day on the beach sounds like you then self catering really is your best option.

Be a Local

Staying in self-catering accommodation means that you are provided with much more options when it comes to choosing a location than if you were looking for a hotel. The diversity of options often also means that you get to experience more of what it feels like to be a local, therefore providing a more authentic experience for tourists. Staying in self catering allows you to be more adventurous in going out and exploring and finding the towns hidden gems such as the local eateries and markets or the little pub at the end of the road that makes your favorite “after the beach” cocktail just right!


Self-Catering is the most convenient of holiday options as it allows for you to dictate and choose the exact kind of holiday you are wanting. From the costs involved, to the times you eat, whether you are wanting to cook big family meals or rather eat out at the local restaurants, whether you are wanting to just enjoy a lovely apartment overlooking the ocean or perhaps splurge on an extravagant home on the beach to enjoy a milestone birthday with friends and family- the convenience is in the diversity of your choices when it comes to self catering.


Have you heard about serviced self-catering? We at the Beach House Letting Company offer luxury beachfront self-catering accommodation that is serviced 7 days a week! This means that you will have access to housekeeping, as well as other additional services from Monday to Sunday, in order to ensure the ultimate experience in comfort and convenience!

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