“Imagine your husband popping to the shop for ‘bread and milk’ and returning home with keys to a gorgeous sun-filled beach house!”

Janine Massey’s ocean-loving, kite-surfing husband, Darryl, arrived home from work one summer’s evening with what turned out to be a life-changing surprise. To Janine’s surprise and delight, he held the keys to a prime property on a beautiful, private stretch of beach in Umhlanga – a beach house!


Darryl’s idea was for the property to one day help fund their retirement, to run it as a private boutique bed and breakfast. Janine, then a Financial Director of the DCM Group, had a different idea. “My husband’s thoughtful long term plans of us living at the Beach House Umhlanga were very appealing but the reality was we already had a wonderful house in Morningside and now we had two bonds!” says Janine, speaking like a true Financial Director.


“But like any family and nature-loving person, I cherish the simple times of enjoying the beach. I love that feeling of naked feet on heavenly sand, soft sunshine on my skin, exhilarating dips in our warm tropical Indian Ocean and I have such wonderful memories of lovely long days spent on the beach with my family,” says Janine. After some creative and financial brainstorming, Janine decided that after a good clean up and complete makeover of the Beach House Umhlanga she would share her new slice of beach paradise with others by letting it out as a self-catering Beachfront Guest House.

And so, in the summer of 2007, The Beach House Letting Company was born!


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